Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Donate Blood, Feel Good

I donated blood today at blood centers of the pacific ( They have this new machine they call Alex. As it draws blood, it separates the RBC from plasma in real time (in this picture I took as blood was being drawn, the packet on the right is "whole blood", middle one is separated RBC, and the one on left is plasma) and it puts the plasma back into your veins. Benefits of this are - more RBC gets collected, blood donor stays hydrated, a lot of time is saved compared to old methods of separating the blood cells later in the lab, thus delaying the availability of blood for transfusions.

But most of all, it feels good.

Find your closest donation center and just go. You will be glad you did.


AnibalVelarde said...

I bet you donated right after coming back from the pub... It must have felt good!

Love the blog... keep up the typing!

Sandeep Giri said...

That explains the color of my plasma :-)