Friday, June 19, 2009

Yours Truly @ Nepali Business Forum @ ANA 2009 - Oakland Convention Center - July 4 11:30 am

For the past few months, I have been working with a few friends - Niley Shrestha, Jagdish Pandey, Sanjay Khatri from our virtual Nepali Business Network - under the guidance of Rita Stecklein "Dijyu", to put together a business forum at the upcoming ANA (Association of Nepalis in Americas) convention. The venue is at the Oakland Convention Center, and our theme is to highlight entrepreneurship amongst Nepalese around the world.

It has been a fun process - soliciting speakers, refining the theme, and also collaborating with Bineet Sharma, Pukar Malla, Kumar Pandey, and friends at CAN-USA - we had a last minute change in speakers rosters where yours truly had to jump in from the bench -- and here is the formal announcement:

The Nepali Business Network (NBN) is pleased to announce and host the Business Forum at the Association of Nepalis in the Americas (ANA) - 2009 Convention.
When: July 4th (1130–1230 hours)
Where: Oakland Convention Center, 1001 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94607
The Forum presents experiences of members of the Nepali diaspora engaged in business and entrepreneurial ventures. In particular, the credentials of our speakers (Mr. Bhawani Sapkota, Mr. Ram Sah and Mr. Sandeep Giri) span the fields of software and IT products, mobile telecommunications, and commercial and residential real-estate. The speaker profiles can be found in the ANA and NBN websites.
We invite and welcome your attendance at the Business Forum. Come listen / participate in the interactive discussion focused around the ‘Nepali Experience’ in areas of business, commerce and high technology as well as sharing of thoughts and ideas on some questions around entrepreneurship.
  • What does entrepreneurship mean in a world where ideas are boundless, seamless and traversing at the speed of light, commercial borders are interconnecting and expanding, virtualization is growing and for real and collaborative communications continues to be a click-of-the-mouse away?
  • Why do local and global perspectives matter in entrepreneurship and how do they support / influence innovation, marketing and delivery of new products and services?
  • In what ways can entrepreneurial vision help explore and harness business opportunities, whether they are in financial investments or in the setup, nurturing or management of businesses?
  • How is being a Nepali entrepreneur advantageous in today’s business landscape?

The Forum offers an informative and exciting session with networking opportunities during lunch. It will be held in the Oakland Convention Center. You can attend the Forum with the ANA convention registration card.

We look forward to seeing you soon!!

The Organizing Team,
Nepali Business Network (

Note: The Professional Networking Luncheon is at 1230–1330 hours, immediately following this forum. See for details.


Anonymous said...

such is the sad state of nepalese entrepreneurism ... a real estate/ mortgage broker after all this debacle?? why not a car-salesman too?

the organizers could've done better to show true nepalese entrepreneurism by just inviting few of those who started and running successful restaurants in the area.

Sandeep Giri said...

So are you saying "Real Estate/ Mortgage Broker" and car salesmen are not entrepreneurs, but people running successful restaurants are? Sounds like double standards to me. Shouldn't we respect professions based on dignity of labor? I can accept the critique that the organizers could have brought others.. but can't understand why it is "sad" to include a real estate/mortgage broker.

Anonymous said...

"dignity of labor" .. ha ha, and you say realstate/mortgage broker who duped countless hard-working folks to peddle their toxic subprime crap have "dignity of labor"?

Sandeep Giri said...

well -- if you know for a fact that Ram Sah, the real estate / mortgage broker who was on the panel actually "duped countless hard-working folks to peddle toxic subprime crap" -- then you have a point. If you don't know that for a fact, and if he really built his business by working hard and with honest principles, then is it right to vilify him just because he happens to be in real estate?

digda said...

yea drug dealers also have dignity of labor