Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Gham Power Inaugurated!

Yesterday was a big day at Gham Power

First, the ad in Kantipur has our phones ringing off the hook. Even though the staff was prepared for the call volume, at times it got overwhelming. If you had to wait long to get connected, sorry about that - we will do a better job in responding quickly to your calls. In the meanwhile, also consider contacting us by email at contact@ghampower.com, or just drop by our showroom in Gairidhara

Second, although it was an unusually wet rainy winter day in Kathmandu (everyone at office took it as an auspicious "sagun" sign) - many friends and family showed up for our inauguration event. Their support has been amazing and inspiring, we feel truly blessed.

Right about the time we had everyone show up for the function, the lights went out and we were all in the dark. Obviously, giggles and jokes started flying around - "man, these guys can't even power up their office, what are we to expect?"

We'd just finished electrical wiring, so Shrawan Dai and Kebal Dai started troubleshooting, while Moon and I were sheepishly trying to humor our guests.

Turns out a big water tanker had parked outside to supply water to the building, and they hooked up their big fat huge water pump's electrical plug directly to our electrical sockets, blowing up our inverter's fuse. Anyhow, about 10 or so very long minutes later, we had our lights (and breath) back, and the show went on..

Then, the highlight of the evening was to see all the Gham Power executives' moms cut the inauguration ribbon

Truly amazing!

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