Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Loyalty Matrix becoming a part of Responsys

Some of you may have seen the press release today -- Loyalty Matrix, the company I founded back in 2001, was acquired by Responsys earlier this month. We moved offices last week (it is only 3 blocks away in downtown San Francisco -- so wasn't that bad), and now a new phase begins for the Loyalty Matrix team (including myself).

Since I did become a parent during my tenure at Loyalty Matrix, interestingly I find a lot of parallels between founding a company and raising children. They both need a lot of nurturing at the beginning, many sacrifices, but it is your love/passion that keeps you going. And at some point, you realize that your child/company will need help from beyond the parental units to ensure proper growth. With children, it is the schools, the soccer coaches, friends, guidance counselor, etc. -- and with a company, it is the investors and/or an acquirer. In a way, I feel like we finally got Loyalty Matrix admitted into college where it will have the necessary infrastructure to flourish to its full potential.

So it was fortunate that (a) we as Loyalty Matrix finally recognized that we were ready for the next step in our evolution; and (b) Responsys got the big picture that combining analytics with execution is the next big thing in marketing automation.

Deals like these are always time consuming and intense, doesn't matter if you are a small company or big. Now that the deal is done, here comes the fun part -- we get to work! plus I get to blog when I want to!!

So friends -- a new journey begins. You will certainly hear more often from me. Let's keep the hope alive.